Tools for better development

Se[tember 2, 2013

Wooden cubes and fabric dolls or Barbie's and electronic cars, that are generously offered to us by blue screen? Will toys, who are exciting for our neighbor child, will fit to ours as well? How to choose toys, that will develop creativity, dexterity and social skills? Should parents would have to worry if their kid can't concentrate his attention to some of the given tasks? Most of, if not every, parent has have some of those questions, because, after all, we all wish the best to our offspring. We all want to create environment, that allows our children to discover their talents and passions. Every child has incredible depth of potential and every parent wishes not only to discover it, but also make sure, that, when grown, child will not stop in his search for new horizons. And all those abilities are strongly connected with every child's toy box.
Quite often parents does not even think so far, to pay attention to the toy environment, in which kids spend their time. And it is true – if we think back to our childhood, then its hard to remember this aspect to be taken into any account. Especially if someone grew up in countryside – everyone has memories about their games with small rocks, planks, tree houses and other simple items. And what games they were. Today, we have to admit, it is more simple to satisfy our children desires by giving him some shiny or loud thing, or seat him in front of the magic box and let the colorful pictures ensure some hours of peace and quiet at home. But, we have to consider the price we pay for those kind if actions. More and more parents asks us following questions – how to create environment, which will stimulate the development? How much is too much, when it comes to toys? How to motivate child to solve given tasks, and to spend his time with developing toys, rather than play video games? How to assure, that later, in maths he will feel free and confident rather than scare and confuse? Well, we are happy to hear those questions, because it means, that more and more parents are thinking about reviling the true potential of their child. So, as a response to the interest showed by parents, we will share some tips about child development. Because thats the reason we are all here – to provide the development and give our children the opportunity to be free in their fantasy.

The brain capacity and environment:

One Switzerland neurologist, Holger Hiden, doing a great service to a whole world, made a discovery, that brains need to be stimulated already in molecular level :
'' To assure full brain development, especially in its early stages, there is a need for not only right food, but also right stimulation. Those neurons, that are prevented from one of those factors – especially stimulating and educating environment, can not create the protein and make rich fiber network and becomes, figuratively, empty bags, that atrophies ''.
This theory is recognized as good by well known Russian pedagogue Boris Nikitin, in whews researches this phenomenon is called ''irreversible erasure of effective development capacity''. Even the name of that lets us know, that it is something we, as a parents, would like to avoid. So – with what and how it is better to stimulate work of new and developing brains? So, instead of empty bags, we would have sharp and clever minds.

Answer is simple – games. It is possible, that loads of parents, reading that one simple word, will giggle, or salute us with '' thank you, captain obvious'', but lets think about it for a while. Lets imagine all those weekends, when there was a really long week behind us, or there was a really cold winter outside the window. All those weekends, that were spent in front of TV screen. How active you feel in the end of those days? Or in the Monday morning. Not so active, I guess. If you feel emptied and tired after spending day in front of TV, then imagine, what effect it has on brains in the stage of active development.

From time to time this question ( the impact of television and computer in child development ) rises between psychologists and pedagogues. And as a biggest lost (among many others) is recognized the loss of will and initiative. When grew up, it is so much easier to just sit back and enjoy the experience that is given to us by screens, rather than going out and doing something to reach their goals. We all want for our child to feel the need to achieve something – to hear the wish to change the world. Feed the hungry and save all endangered animals. Or to see, how child's fantasy helps to think out side the box. We all wish to see the limitless believe from our children, that he can be anything, he can achieve anything, and the initiative to do something. First step on this sense is turning off the screens. By doing that, its possible, that you are making a impact in saving the world. When your offspring will grow up, world will thank you for it.

Toys and games serves as a key to development. It is your Thor hammer on a road to creative, inquisitive and clever child, who is never bored. Toys are the first introduction with the world – colors, shapes, sounds and textures. In the same way, how the question ''how goes the dog'' is easier to answer by looking at the home pet, there is the need for a auxiliaries to answer harder questions – which of these shapes is square, what is red and by how much four is more than one.

Work tools:

Of course, for a qualitative work, there is a need for qualitative tools. Undoubtedly, in the store shelves are so many things, that are labeled as children toys, but we sincierely ask parents to evaluate if it is usefull or not. Take it in your hand and feel it – is it alive, or its just a thing, collored in a color that doesnt even exsist in nature. It is important to feel a attraction to given toy for a succesfull work.

When choosing toys, we advise to listen in to your inner voice. Because, the world your child knows still is relatively small – toys and games are a big part of it. And with what kind of things you would like to fill it? Will created environment will stimulate thinking and aesthetic sense? Lets remember this again – the fact, that we are showed, that every child, receiving advertised toy, is overwhelmed with joy and happiness, does not mean that it is true. Consider, what this toy will offer to your child. It is true, that parents know better, but it is easier to get confused in this information environment. From time to time we hear arguments like ''Yes, but children are different nowadays''. Yes, they are, but some things never change – dimensional vision still is better developed by cubes than screens, language center in brains is still located next to fine finger musculature center, and so on. And think about it – how many of those ''changes'' are just result of wrong environment? So, before you choose the company, in which your child will spend his time, take a breath and listen into your inner child.

Good luck in your work !