Wooden Latvian alphabet

43.00 EUR

We are quite proud to introduce you to our amazing Latvian alphabet.
This puzzle is 100% hand made, every picture is painted with hand (that's why they are so lovely and adorable), and all colours are ecological.

Every letter has only one place - although the peace's may look the same, they fit only in the correct space.
This puzzle is made while thinking about adding vocabulary among other things - for every letter there is two pictures (for example - for A there is watermelon (арбуз) and bus (автобус) ).
With this puzzle child will not only learn the letters, he will remember the order of alphabet, the pictures will help to understand the pronunciation, and this puzzle helps to start with the reading.
This alphabet comes with a methodical material (in Russian) with tips on how to get the best results. It also includes over 50 words, which can be arranged with those letters - starting from easy words and slowly increasing the level of difficulty. Also, it provides parents with fun game ideas.
If you loose some of the peace's, we can replace them by sending you the missing one via mail.

This puzzle is made for learning alphabet in fun way. With this game, child will not only learn the letters, pronunciation and reading skills, but will train his patience, logical thinking, combination skills and logical thinking.
It is a truly fun way how to spend time while learning.

Have fun with it.

Specialists admits, that puzzles are excellent game for developing your child's intellect, because
1)This game in not violent
2)This game develops imagination, teaches the difference between fraction and entirety.
3)The game teaches how to concentrate attention by using willpower.
4)The game gives parents opportunity for early detection of some problems (for example, your child badly recognises colours, shapes, ...)

If you have questions, please, dont hesitate to contact us.