My first picture blocks

30.00 EUR

This game is for children 1 - 2 years.

At first, the child will carefully study the pictures on the blocks and try to put the blocks on one another. In the course of time, encourage the child to put all of the blocks back into the box all by himself. In order to develop keenness and comparison skills, collectively with the child put back all the blocks in the box according to pictures given in the box. Make sure that, for example, the little chicken is not upside down.

When the child can already stock a tower by himself in the simplest way ( one over another), show, that thay can be stocked differently. This kind of tower - making process will train the childs movement coordination, dedication skills and patience. Few examples : 

1) Blocks can be put above one antoher by the narrow side and the pictures appear in a vertical position.;

2) Tower can be made also like this - one block is laying, second block is standing on top of it, the next one is laying, the next one is standing etc.;

3) Make a pyramid from all blocks.;

4) Make a tower by placing the blocks on one another crosswise.


There is also a meaning for color on the other side of the block. With already an older child you can play a game - turning the blocks where all pictures are facing down, the child has to guess under which block a frog, a dog or a fish is hiding. In order to learn colors and train attention, there are tasks attached to this game.

1) Put in the box the card which has 9 color squares and ask the child to cover every color with the matching block. 

2) Put in the box the card which has 4 color and 5 picture squares and ask the child to cover it with the corresponding blocks, stictly remembering the right direction of the laying blocks.