Picture color blocks

45.00 EUR

For children from 1.5 to 4 years of age.

This game is a huge helper for parents to train childs patiance, eye for detail and also logic and comparison skills. This game will help to learn colors, train movement coordination skills, train spatial thinking and also memory.

Most importantly - it will bring joy to the child! The child will play with the blocks himself, but it's also important for parents to play along. You can make the game more challenging, by covering the pictures in the box with one of the attached task cards. If you use the blank white card to cover the pictures, it will train childs memory and logic. It's not so easy to put back all of the blocks in the box without the sample.

Some tasks for common work of joy :
1) You can be happy and proud, if your 2 year old can put the bricks back in the box onto the corresponding drawings with picture facing up.
2) Parent must find 10 blocks - the biggest one from every color. The childs task is to put remaining blocks on top of a corresponding color blocks to create color pairs.
3) Offer the child to sort all blocks by size and count together, how many blocks are in each pile. Which pile is bigger and which is smaller?
4) Put all blocks back in the box with only the colors facing up and then take out one block. Which color block is missing? Which color doesn't have a pair?
5) Memory training. Turn all blocks with the colored side facing up. Name one of the previously learned animals which the child has to find. The correctly guessed block can be put back into the box on the corresponding drawing. If the child guesses wrong, then the block needs to be flipped back and the child needs to guess again. Older children can compete - who can guess more animals right.
6) Up to 3 years of age, most children learn by imitating adults - parents or older brothers or sisters. Therefore, parents should do the given tasks first, in front on the child and then do them together. Older childern need to try doing the tasks independently.