Wooden constructions toy - Corners

26.00 EUR

This game consists of 12 identical cubic figures in 4 different colors. For two-years-old children we suggest they sort the blocks according to color or try to build a fir three as high as possible (see diagram). This develops child's motoric coordination. 

With age 3 the child can start building various objects from the cubic corners. To stimulate the development of a child's visual thinking, the parents can build a figure and ask the children to guess what it is. Then suggest the child re-create it (which develops the logical thinking). 

Older children can create figures using the enclosed examples. Later they may be inspired to make up their own constructions (which furthers the development of logical and creative thinking). The figures and patterns can be form as shown in the diagram. 

These corners can provide unlimited flights of fantasy.

17 x 17cm