Wooden constructor (age 3-6)

27.00 EUR

This little constructor is designed for kids from age 2 - 6.

The blocks are the main instrument for developing...mathematical thinking. Yes - that's right. And with developing that, along comes the work with logical thinking, sense of balance, coordination and, what is really important in this screens-everywhere world, dimensional vision. 

And that is why we created this set of blocks. 
But, to go a little bit further, we attached a tasks of different difficulty levels, to create ability to read technical plans and schemes ( more logical thinking ) and better understand in practical use, how different shapes looks in nature, and how they look drew on paper ( even more dimensional vision ) .

Along with perfectly made blocks, comes 2sheets with patterns for starting to work with all mentioned skills in age of two, and the task sheet, for rising the level of difficulty. And, of course, the explanation and tips for better results.

The colour is non toxic, so its safe to try out the taste as well.
if there is a child under the age of two in your or your friends family, remember, that we care about our toys so much, that we will be glad to repair them or replace the missing items using good old mail :) 

As many mothers of our little experts has told us - this set gives so many opportunities to expand fantasy, that its amazing, how long and patient can child be, when he is in his own world, and how fulfilling is the feeling, that the child is spending time with something, that helps him to revel and expand his true potential.

17.5 x 14 x 5cm

If you have any questions, please - don't hesitate to contact us