Educational wooden block pyramid (age 2 - 3.5)

25.00 EUR

This is a unique, hand made, hand painted block pyramid for logical thinking, coordination, eye measure and other things. And, as all pictures are hand painted, they will develop child's aesthetic sense. All colors are ecological.

The toy contains 7 blocks, different by size, color and picture on it. And sheet with stencils to put in frame for training logical thinking by putting pictures on pictures, and eye measure by putting blocks by sizes.

The task ( putting blocks in frame ) will train the grasp of hand, coordination, logical thinking and eye measure. Later, when you see, that it gets easy, take the frame away and motivate child to use only his logical thinking and eye measure to make patterns - ether from smaller to bigger, or other way around.

And here comes the surprise part - don't show how how to put them together - let him discover the trick by himself. When he will find the pattern on how the pyramid is made ( ether its by size or rainbow colors ) , it will be his accomplishment.

This unique game is concurred a stable place in 2-3,5 year old's and their parents hearts.

21.5 x 13.5cm

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