Developing puzzle - geometric shapes

27.00 EUR

This toy is amazing for children in the age of 3-4 years. It is hand made, all pictures are drawed by artist. The colours are 100% ecological.

This puzzle develops :
*logical thinking
*movement coordination
*understanding about colours
*understanding about shapes
*understanding about the fractions, sections

At the beginning the task is to take out all the pieces, sort them by colour and, by putting them back together, make whole figures. When this task gets too easy, introduce your child with the pictures on the other side of puzzle. Putting together those is a new level of difficulty, that will help to develop logical thinking.

While working with this game, child learns how to recognise the 4 geometrical shapes. This learning comes not only or the sense of vision, but, more importantly, using the touch.

During the games and fun times, mention the colour of particular piece and ask questions like - what else is blue? Or, do we have something in this room in the same, red, colour? This exercise helps to remember colours and make associations with them, while training the language skills.

Besides all that, this puzzle helps to develop understanding about one whole. That, if the peace is divided in two, three or four parts, it becomes whole when putted together.

Use the pieces also for covering the first basis for counting and understanding the concept of amount ( 1 green piece, 2 red pieces and so on ). When we count all pieces together, we get the amount of 10.

Have fun with this game, it's a excellent and beautiful way for developing children's potential.

And remember - if something gets lost or eaten by pet, or something else happens, dont hesitate to contact us for replacement piece.