Mirror of the mind

28.00 EUR

This game will reveal, in an interesting and exciting way, every person's mental flexibility, reaction and attitude to non-traditional tasks.

This mind game is 100% original and made with wide methodology possibilities.

"Mirror of the mind" has come to develope cognitive abilities, such as :

  • logical thinking
  • combination skills
  • comparison skills
  • attention span

1. Tasks with triangles

Placing the triangle pieces against the mirror, the chosen task has to be made. Solving the black and white tasks, make sure to not only solve it correctly, but also make a harmonic ornament.

2. Work with drawn tasks

Place a sheet of paper against the mirror and write words by looking only in the reflection and not on the paper. This task is interesting and challenging at any age. A small advice when starting this task - while training the ability to write mirrored words, it's more easier to start by writing with capitalised letters.

Learning this skill is very worthwhile! It's an effective mental activity excercise, which trains willpower, confidence and certainty of your skills and has even been proven to reduce the risk of alzheimer's disease.

Even the great artist and prodigy Leonardo da Vinci perfectly managed this skill.

We wish happy and fun times with this game! 

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