31.00 EUR

This game developes construction skill, increases intelectual skills, strengthens patiance and persistence of finishing what has been started.

Ornaments - tasks for grown ups are a very hard nut! Ornaments must be made using all 12 given pieces.

When doing the tasks , you can use both sides of the example cards and game pieces. 

Two task books are included in this games set - one for kids and children of school age; second - for adults. There is also a third book with all the answers.

Pentamino's pieces are painted in a way, so grown ups would be able to solve the next challange - Latvian cultural symbols. Then it's really necessary to sort pieces by color and put them back in the box by the given example. By doing this, the player will put his mind to a test and recieve a intelectual excericise.

There are various and different color combinations and Latvian symbols.

If you have questions, please, dont hesitate to contact us.