The big triangle parade

31.00 EUR

Triangle – possibly the most universal from the geometrical figures.  

Game is excellent for children starting from age of 3 – 10 years. 

The big triangle parade is 100% original, and with an interesting methodology,  created to develop :

*Logical thinking;

*Combination skills;

*Concentration span; 


The number of pieces is shown next to every task - it shows how many pieces you need to complete it. In a set, there are 32 triangles in 4 colours. For more colourful patterns, one of the sides is coloured, while the other one still holds wooden texture. 

To make the work environment more organised, for solving tasks, we offer two sizes of frames – take the pieces out and turn the frame over, and you will find another frame, smaller one, to work with less pieces. 

While playing with this toy, child discovers on his own, how by combining triangles, so many different geometrical shapes can be created –  square, trapeze, lozenge, parallelogram and many more. 

At any age, we suggest to start with the very first tasks, because the task difficulty is lined in order - staring from the easiest one. This system helps the child to move forward independently.

The diversity of tasks is surprising, because it's as fun to find hidden triangles in geometric shapes, as it is to figure out the secrets of silhouettes given – how to make a dog out of triangles? Also, we have included some interesting examples how to create different shapes and even letters and numbers. 

Important aspect of this game, is fantasy development. Ask your child to create his own patterns and silhouettes – let the fantasy become limitless. Help him to draw them on a sheet of paper and give someone else to solve them. 

Have fun with this game!