Developing wooden number puzzle - elephant

46.00 EUR

This is a amazing, interesting and fun puzzle to help children to understand and remember the order of numbers.
This puzzle is 100% handmade - the peace's will fit perfectly and the elephant it self - amazingly friendly and cute looking. All colours are ecological.

There often is a situation, that child knows how to count (name the numbers), but has a problem to remember the order or understand the system. This is one of many situations, where the elephant is here to help.

Pay attention on the system of numbers - they are arranged from left to right. While putting together the puzzle, child will not only strengthen their understanding about the order of numbers, but will train writing and reading skills - from left to right.

This puzzle is perfect for left-handers to train writing and reading skills.
The puzzle has earned really big affection among children, their parents and teachers, so, we hope that you will have fun with it as well.

Specialists admits, that puzzles are excellent game for developing your child's intellect, because
1)This game in not violent
2)This game develops imagination, teaches the difference between fraction and entirety.
3)The game teaches how to concentrate attention by using willpower.
4)The game gives parents opportunity for early detection of some problems (for example, your child badly recognises colours, shapes, ...)

If you have questions, please, dont hesitate to contact us.