Mirror Magic

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Mirror Magic
Mirror Magic

For preschool and younger children.
A small structure with mirrors (unbreakable) has joined a number of ideas that will help your child develop the mathematical abilities (understanding of symmetry and the symmetry axis), logical thinking and fantasy.

The symmetry helps people to understand and create order, beauty and perfection.

With this game, the child will learn to understand and see the symmetry. One side of the mirror is designed  as a kaleidoscope. Child's hands have been given the opportunity to lead and build an infinite number of fantastic and harmonious decoration.

The kit is added with eight vignettes, witch child can paint in their own tastes. However, the emphasis should be put on the self-generated drawings.

The second half of the toy is a normal, straight-view mirror. Adding the sides of symmetric shapes (included 35 such figures), child has to find the whole picture accompanying the task page. Halves can be added from both sides.

This game can encourage children to see the symmetrical things in the environment. The game kit consists of word cards too. Word complexity increases from 3 characters to 12 characters per name. If a child can not read the word in a given card, then they can put the word next to the mirror and see the word correctly.

Word reading mirror may be used in various activities as a fun attraction.

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