The Sleep doll

20.00 EUR
A trustworthy companion for the newborn. This doll is 100% handmade, sewed from cotton materials. This doll will be a great helper for the young mother.
For the first 6 months, the doll will be one of the most important development toys for the baby. To make this doll even more special, we recommend for the new mother to keep the doll close to her skin for a while, to absorb a little bit of her scent for the newborn to associate the doll with. When the newborn will go to sleep, the doll will provide the baby with peace and calmness, because of the simple secret - the most active sense for the newborn is the scent (to be able to associate different smells), in this way the baby will be provided with the sense of security and thus, a calmer sleep.
The doll also can be a great support for the very first adventures, like going for a walk or doing a doctor's appointment.
The doll will develop grasp (to grab/let go), change hands, coordinate movements while feeling the tender touch of the cotton material to his skin.