Wooden Latvian symbol domino

28.00 EUR

This game "Spinning the Era" was made with a purpose to create a bigger interest about Baltic cultural symbols and introduce the player with their meaning. This game can be used in three ways:

1) A puzzle! Take out all the puzzle pieces from the board and try putting them back according to the symbol names. This activity will train the child's patience, attention and also subconsciously teach the child all of traditional Latvian symbol names.

2) The number of pieces and the system is the same as the classic domino principle.That's why this game can be played the same as an ordinary domino. But...perhaps the winner might be the one who collects  double symbols the most?

3) Carefully examine the attached drawings! They are interesting ornaments - tasks, which need to be completed using the puzzle pieces, so the symbols would match in every direction. The tasks were made according to a special principle - starting from easy to difficult. First tasks will be managable for pre - school children, but the rest might be a challange even for grown ups.

We wish happy and exciting moments for the whole family! 

And remember - if something gets lost or eaten by pet, or something else happens, dont hesitate to contact us for replacement piece.