Logical wooden puzzle - divided windows (Small)

28.00 EUR

This puzzle is proven itself as one of the favourite among the children. This puzzle consists of 6 windows which are divided in 4 peace's. In each window we have painted a different picture. The foundation of the pallet is coloured too.

There are several tasks to solve, starting from easy, to hardest:
*Throw all peace's of puzzle in one pile and sort it by colour.
*Then try to compose the puzzle again. This puzzle isn't easy for children at this age because he must thing about the colour and shape in the same time.
*Try to make separate pictures without a help of a frame.

The game develops :
* logics
*understanding the colours
*systematising skills
*the understanding of entirety and peace.
*as everything is hand painted-aesthetic sense.

Specialists admits, that puzzles are excellent game for developing your child's intellect, because
1)This game in not violent
2)This game develops imagination, teaches the difference between fraction and entirety.
3)The game teaches how to concentrate attention by using willpower.
4)The game gives parents opportunity for early detection of some problems (for example, your child badly recognises colours, shapes, ...)

We are sure, that you will spend some amazing time with this lovely, hand painted, ecological puzzle. And remember - if something gets lost, we will send the missing peace via mail.

If you have questions, please, dont hesitate to contact us.